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Dear friends,

I am launching a blog, something I’ve considered doing for awhile but hesitated out of fear.  Fear of putting myself out there.  But something inside kept directing me and the question arose –  Why am I doing this?  Why would I start blogging?  And the answer came so strongly and clearly.  Because I want you to know that you are important – I want you to know that your needs, your desires and your feelings are important.  I want you  to be able to truly connect with yourself and your body to develop a healthy, nurturing relationship with you.

Don’t miss out on experiencing the person that you are. It is so easy to get caught up in our lives and our responsibilities that we lose sight of the person that we are and we are not connected with our Self.  We place our focus on our families, our work, paying our bills and getting the “have to’s done”.  That’s life right?  Well it is for many people.  However, when this happens we begin to let go of what we enjoy, we lose touch with our curiosity, and we become more impacted by our experiences than have wonder within our experiences.  We may feel exhausted or even unhealthy or short tempered and reactive.  Our response indicates how connected or disconnected we are from our Self and our needs.  

So, how can we take a few moments each day to reconnect with ourselves? How can we slow it all down and have time to ask ourselves basic questions?   What would I like right now. . .   what do I enjoy . . . . what would I change for myself if I could?  How can I give myself more attention to be able to truly answer these questions.  

You are the only person you know you will spend your whole life with. How well do you know you? How well have you developed a relationship with your body where you give it what it needs, where you listen when it needs to rest, where you are guided with what you should eat, what to drink? How well do you know you the amazing person that you are? Would you like to know you?

Let me encourage you to go on an exploration of getting to know yourself better than you ever have before.  How in the world do you begin to have a relationship with yourself?

This is what we are going to do together –
get to know ourselves better.
We are going on a journey of Self discovery;
learning how to tune in and listen to our own bodies.


We are going to nurture a relationship with our Self and discover how to become our own best friend, how to make the relationship with ourselves the most important of our lives. How do we fit this into the busyness of our lives? We are going take a few minutes every day to uncover who we are now, to find the deep  friendship with ourselves, to have a loving relationship with our bodies, to be the healthiest, happiest, most loving human beings we can possibly be to our Selves and each other.

I am sharing this journey of self-discovery with you because I woke up one day and realized I did not know much about myself.  I know from my own experience, from the inside out that having a loving relationship with myself is the greatest gift I have received.  Please join me on this adventure that doesn’t need to be a struggle or difficult.  You can do this And you are not alone.

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