Coming to the realization that I would have to accept my pain (old athletic injuries) for the rest of my life and after exhausting all my traditional options, I was blessed to have been referred to Aradia and Carol.  Through acupuncture, deep tissue massage, Integrative Manual Therapy, and a better understanding of my own mental awareness, I experienced the healing of my body and mind. A true blessing.


Carol and Aradia are both extremely gifted healers in aligning the body with spirit, and it’s been an honor to have been helped by them in so many ways during some of the greatest challenges of my life. While first assisting me with what appeared as problematic seizure activity, they helped me uncover repressed emotions earlier in my life, and find the courage within to face them.

Through their support and understanding, Carol and Aradia have been essential in helping me to uncover my greatest gifts, to be gentle with my heart, and to find and clear the emotional disturbances and beliefs that had once limited me. Carol and Aradia have not just healed and counseled me countless times, they’ve empowered me to make the greatest leaps I’ve ever made in my life and showed me in their compassion the importance of empowering ourselves and others. They are people of integrity who offer great physical, emotional, and spiritual support. Their commitment to helping and to life itself, is endearing.


Aradia and Carol are both, in their own right, extremely powerful healers. Words cannot express the fullness and gratitude in my heart for the role they have played on my spiritual journey. The profound insights and healing that they are able to facilitate is astounding. The world needs more gifted and heart-centered teachers and healers like Aradia and Carol. They are beacons of Love and Light for out planet. I am truly blessed to have these two beautiful souls in my life . . . shining light and love on my path of self-discovery and spiritual evolution.


I’ve been seeing Carol as needed for several years now and I’ve referred others to her as well. I usually go in because I’m having a health challenge, and she does address that. But, more importantly, I find that she can really meet me right at the edge of my learning curve as I continue stepping in to who I really am. As my partner says (yes, he sees her now too), Carol does soul therapy. I feel she is an integral part of my support team, and I don’t hesitate to recommend her to others. I would go see her if I broke a bone or broke my heart, and I definitely go see her when I’m struggling with showing up as my true self.


Several years ago, my sister gave me a gift of an acupuncture treatment with Aradia. This was a precious gift. I had suffered for many years with debilitating and chronic physical symptoms that continued to get worse, despite working with countless traditional and alternative practitioners.

By the time I met Aradia, I had almost given up hope.

In our first session, I experienced immediate relief. I had never had an acupuncturist stay in the room with me for the whole session or gently guide me to the places where I was hurting underneath the physical pain. Aradia combined acupuncture and Chinese medicine with many different tools to deepen the healing—from conscious breathwork to bodywork to healing practices from a variety of spiritual and cultural traditions. Aradia has always created a safe space for me to explore and find my way back to wholeness (through the most difficult periods of my life).

In the years since that first visit, working with both Aradia and Carol, I have come to understand the deeper sources of my pain and also my hidden capacities for joy and healing.

Aradia’s and Carol’s loving presence and guidance during treatment sessions and workshops have encouraged me to transform the root causes of my distress into catalysts for greater self-love, compassion and spiritual growth. Our work together has gone far beyond physical healing to transformation and integration of my path and purpose, body and spirit, healing and service.

These remarkable healers have helped me learn how to love my one “wild and precious life” in this body in this lifetime. I cannot recommend them highly enough or thank them enough for the profound impact they have had and continue to have on my life.


It is an honor to be treated by Aradia, someone who has guided my through many levels of deep healing – physically, mentally and spiritually. In my 25+ years of working with healers, healthcare providers, and guides, there is no one I trust more with my care and well-being that Aradia. I am filled with gratitude for her presence in my life. Aradia’s divine blend of healing modalities something I wish for the whole world to experience. What a healthy and heart-based world that could be!


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