Personal Empowerment

Feeling your own internal power is the key to unlocking patterns, pain and belief systems and accessing your inner wisdom in support of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. Our Conscious Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Bodywork, Integrative Manual Therapy, Intuitive Readings and blended modalities encourage personal empowerment to facilitate palpable changes in your daily life. Every treatment session is tailored to your specific needs and is both grounding and highly transformative.

Art of Integrative Manual Therapy

Carol’s treatment sessions incorporate Integrative Manual Therapy techniques to identify the root causes of illness, injury, and other imbalances and map them in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Her intuitive assessment is carefully attuned to the whole person, rather than the diagnosis. This uncovers any neurologic imbalances, physiologic blockages, or deeply rooted belief systems that may be causing pain. Carol’s gentle and nurturing hands-on approach helps her clients release painful patterns, shift and move energy and invite a sense of well-being and loving connection. Clients often experience immediate symptom relief and a meaningful way to understand and heal their experiences while deepening their capacity for self-awareness and self-love. This empowering healing approach is well-suited to support cranial-sacral alignment, myofascial release, bone-bruise healing, enhanced physiologic communication, hormonal balancing and resolving complex pain that has not been alleviated by traditional or other alternative treatment modalities.

Beyond Acupuncture

Aradia’s treatment approach is grounded in acupuncture and Chinese medicine including cupping, gua sha, moxa and Chinese herbs. Her services go far beyond acupuncture, however, to provide the deepest and most comprehensive healing possible.  She frequently combines acupuncture with deep tissue massage, conscious breath work, emotional release, sound healing, chakra balancing and intuitive readings. Acupuncture nourishes and restores the nervous system, helping the body to move out of fight or flight and into a peaceful state. As the body relaxes, conscious breath work and guided inquiry can help release patterns that cause suffering providing greater access to self-love and healing. Aradia meets clients where they are, offering focused acupuncture and Chinese medicine for specific physical complaints while leaving the door open for deeper transformational work and spiritual growth.

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