Group Healing Sessions

Our 4 and 8-week group series help participants harness the healing power of a shared focus and a variety of healing practices and techniques including: Acupuncture, Massage, Breathwork, Conscious Inquiry and Awareness Practices. Sound healing and breathwork are incorporated in most of our group series.

When shared in a sacred group, each individual’s commitment to personal healing contributes to a higher consciousness that transforms and liberates us at the deepest levels of our being.

Group series are ideal for those who want to build on healing from individual treatment sessions and for those who want to explore healing practices in sacred community. Our healing groups provide a sanctuary for coming home so we can bring more of our true selves back into the world.

For more information about our healing series, please visit our Events page.

Day-Long Workshops

Our daylong workshops focus on major life themes, areas of personal growth and transformation.  Some of our topics are: self-realized love, spiritual embodiment,awakening to joy, uprooting judgment, working with fear, manifesting true abundance, and healing our sense of separation.

Each workshop is designed to uncover our wholeness through: group meditations, sacred rituals, unification techniques, intimate discussions and conscious breathing. Together, we explore internal blocks and illuminate opportunities to deepen our capacity for self-awareness, compassion and love.

We limit our workshops to 10-12 participants to ensure everyone is empowered to bring healing insights into daily life and greater connection with Divine flow. Advance registration is required for all workshops.

For more information about upcoming workshops, please visit our Events page.

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