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We believe that every person is whole and we see/feel you in your total wholeness as we assist you in remembering your innocence, beauty, power and capacity for true healing. We have created a beautiful space where your heart, body and soul feel safe to open to your healing journey. The work we do together is oriented toward a desire to consciously unify all parts of your being, to reclaim your magnificent vibrant heart. We believe that serving the healing of others is the greatest gift we have ever received. Thank you for this opportunity.

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About the Practitioners

Aradia Ocean, L.Ac.

I am passionate about helping my clients manifest their highest levels of true health: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance and transformation.

All the healing practices I have mastered over the past 20 years have led me to the same place: following the Love. My treatment approach is firmly grounded in acupuncture, but it goes far beyond traditional Chinese medicine to include other powerful practices that help heal and unify the body and spirit.

Each healing session is a dynamic response to the Divine wisdom that emerges as the body relaxes and opens to reveal areas of pain, resistance, and holding—all the places that want to receive more love and acceptance.

Although many of my sessions include needles, they may also include cupping, gua sha, deep tissue massage, and trigger point therapy. This modality integration supports and heals the nervous system, circulatory system, tissues, organs, and is effective for acute or chronic injuries. I incorporate conscious breathwork, sound healing, intuitive readings and other awakening practices to integrate healing in the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. This is why most of my treatments last 2 hours and I remain in the room, actively engaged and working with my clients for the entire session.

My clients are often highly empathic and energetically sensitive people who experience depression, anxiety and intense physical distress when they feel disconnected from their Source. It is a privilege to witness the profound healing that occurs as we reveal the ways in which the Divine wants to live in and through them.

Carol Smith, MS

My life and healing practice are deeply grounded in the understanding that Love is the most powerful medicine we can use to transform, heal and integrate every level of our human experience—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Long-standing patterns of fear, resistance, trauma and even forgetfulness can create energetic blocks and imbalances in our nervous system that manifest as pain in our bodies, hearts and souls. Bodily pain is often the first sign that we have become disconnected from our inherent source of love and healing.

I have found that Love always takes us where it needs us to go in order to recognize and embrace more love—even when it feels scary and vulnerable. Especially then.

Drawing on my skills in Integrative Manual Therapy, intuitive healing, loving consciousness and unconditional acceptance, I create sacred spaces where my clients can safely and lovingly open to whatever feelings and sensations want to arise for healing and integration.

My professional and personal path has led me to progressively deeper heart-based healing practices, first as an exercise physiologist supporting the physical body through cardiac rehabilitation and then as a mother working to alleviate pain that traditional therapeutic approaches couldn’t understand or resolve. My family’s dramatic healing experiences inspired me to become an intuitive healer and teacher using IMT and subtle energy techniques to map and address the root causes of complex pain and discomfort.

I am passionate about empowering my clients to befriend their bodies as Divine gateways for welcoming more health, wholeness and connection as Love frees us all.

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